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Hanneh Kevorkian


Hanneh Kevorkian, daughter of Ashley and Dan Kevorkian, is this a senior at Page High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

She has a score of 32 on the ACT, is an A and B student, and has taken all honors and AP classes.

One of her biggest passions outside of academia is the theater. “It gives me an outlet to express myself,” she said. “I have always been a creative person, and theater allows me to express my emotions through art. I get to step out of reality for a moment and escape the hardships of the real world.” 

After she graduates from PHS, Kevorkian plans to continue pursuing her musical theater career in college.

Kevorkian’s top role models are her parents. She said she appreciates them for their constant care, support, encouragement and hard work ethics. “I am very proud to be their daughter because they have taught me so much about being the best person I can be and have been supportive of me from the very beginning.”

It may appear obvious, but her favorite class at PHS is Theatre Four with Mrs. Tripp. She said she looks forward to it every day and that Tripp has been her favorite teacher since she took a class from her her freshman year.

“She is such a supportive person and pushes all of her students to do their best,” she said. “She is also someone who cares deeply about her students.”

Kevorkian describes herself as friendly, helpful and optimistic. When she’s not in class or participating in theater, she enjoys participating in clubs including: Mental Health Awareness Club and Drama Club. She also serves as Class President and has previously worked with Best Buddies and the Blue Crew Group.

After graduating from PHS, she plans to attend Western Kentucky University where she will major in performing arts with a focus in musical theater. Eventually, she hopes to perform professionally in musicals and possibly move to New York City.

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