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David Agostino


David Agostino, son of Brunie and Mary Agostino, is a freshman at Page High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

Only a freshman, Agostino is already conscious of staying grounded. Of his accomplishments, he said his biggest is being a high school student who stays true to themselves and is mature.

One of his top passions in life is his religion. He is Roman Catholic and said his religion has helped him to love God and others more. “My religion is the foundation of my character, my principles and morality,” he said. “It gives me my purpose in life.”

Agostino said his father, Brunie, is one of the most impactful role models in his life. He said he admires him for fulfilling his duty to his family, his constant love and his patience. 

When asked to pick a favorite class at PHS, he picked World History. “History is just interesting to me,” he said. “Coach Rothbone, my teacher, also makes the class enjoyable for me but assigning projects that make you think pretty creatively.”

He describes himself as honest, kind and dependable. When he’s not in school, Agostino spends his free time doing karate, and participating as a member of PHS’s Future Farmers of America and  Boy Scouts of America.

Although he is only in his freshman year, Agostino said he knows he wants to go to Columbia State first, and then possibly pursue entering into a monastery and becoming a Catholic priest.

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