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Lily B. Bray


Lily B. Bray, daughter of Casey and Joy Bray, is a sophomore at Page High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

She is a Model United Nations Outstanding Delegate award recipient, member of Mu Alpha Theta and has been on the Honor Roll consistently since middle school.

One of her biggest passions is reading. “It opens the door to new worlds and my imagination,” she said. “I can go anywhere in the world with just words and I learn so much from an academic standpoint, like writing styles and basic things about life that I may not have learned otherwise.” 

Her top role model in life is her mother, Joy. She said she looks up to her for her wisdom, initiative at work and helpful attitude. “I really hope I can be as much of a leader, mom and kind person as her when I get older.”

Kevin Dockery, PHS AP European History teacher, said of Bray, “Lily’s positive personality and sense of humor is something we all need and appreciate, especially in this challenging year. She’s a hard working student and always has a smile and a cheerful attitude. If you just mention her name, other students just immediately start smiling.”

When asked to name her favorite classes, she quickly answered that she loves math and history most. “I love math because it gets me thinking and I understand it well,” she said. “I also love history because I enjoy studying the past. There are so many interesting and entertaining stories about different people, places and events that I always feel there is more out there to learn about.”

Bray describes herself as positive, personable, witty and helpful. When she’s not in class or cuddling up with a book, she enjoys participating in the Kindness Club and Student Council. 

After graduating from PHS, she plans to go to college to pursue a degree in education. One day, she hopes to be a middle or high school teacher.

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