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Griffin Sessions


Griffin Sessions, son of Laura and Richie Sessions, is a junior at Renaissance High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

His top passions in life are creating and producing music. “It makes me happy and is fulfilling,” he said.

One of his biggest role models in life is his father. He said he looks up to him because he is a good person through and through and sets a great example. 

When asked to choose a favorite teacher, Sessions chose his audio production instructor, Ms. Wolak. “She is very smart about music and has taught me a lot,” he said. 

Ms. Wolak said of Sessions, “Griffin stepped up and did a great job of mixing the December coffeehouse, and making it look easy!” 

Sessions describes himself as nice. “I try to be friendly to everyone I meet,” he said. When he’s not in school, Sessions likes to spend his free time playing guitar.

He is currently undecided about his post-graduation plans.