knox SOW



Knox, of Lynn and William Knox, is a sophomore at Renaissance High School and this week’s Student of the Week. 

They are a straight A student and they are passionate about making time for themself whether it be personal or social. “I like to have time to do something I want to do,” they said.

One of their biggest role models is pop superstar Britney Spears. They said they look up to her because of her talent in songwriting. 

Knox’s favorite class at RnHS is Digital Art Design I. “I liked that I had space to take my ideas and do what I wanted with them,” they said. “I had full creative capabilities.”

RNHS teacher Mrs. Henry said of Knox, “Knox is a vital part of our RnHS community… bringing a strong work ethic, maturity and loyalty to our school and our advisory!”

Knox describes themself as deliberate, charismatic and honest. When they’re not in class, they enjoy playing tennis.  

After graduating from RnHS, Knox plans to pursue doing something that will “make them happy every day.” They said that when the time comes, they think the universe will show them what to do.