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My Friend’s House, a Franklin nonprofit that is one of the last stand-alone residential group homes in Middle Tennessee, has been selected as only the second SuperGrant recipient by the Nashville Predators Foundation.

“On behalf of My Friend’s House, we are deeply grateful for the generosity of the Predators Foundation and SmileDirectClub,” My Friend’s House Executive Director Tina Edwards said. “This partnership ensures that we will have strong allies in achieving our work for the short and long term to serve young men who need a secure home, life skills and care.

"The match challenge provides the community the opportunity to make the most of their charitable donation. We are excited to be working together to improve lives and expand opportunities for the at-risk and vulnerable young men this grant will serve.”

The foundation is empowered by SmileDirectClub.

This SuperGrant was awarded at Friday night’s Nashville Predators game. 

Introduced this year as a part of the ground-breaking partnership between the Predators Foundation and Nashville-based SmileDirectClub, multiple SuperGrants, which range from $25,000 to $100,000, will be awarded each season to Middle Tennessee community organizations.

Funding will be allocated for the purpose of completing large-scale projects in support of empowering lives during times of transition across education, health and cultural needs.

Thanks to this SuperGrant, My Friend’s House will be able to complete the new home that is being built for its teen residents. Additionally, the funding will benefit the Empowerment Educational Series, a weekly confidence and life skills course that will teach the boys about topics including strong study habits, the dangers of substance abuse, getting and keeping a job, and the effects of violence and conflict. With the SuperGrant serving as a 1:1 matching gift, up to $70,000 of donations made at will be matched, allowing donors to double their contribution and My Friend’s House to increase funding for this project

Chartered in 1982, My Friend’s House offers a home-like environment to disadvantaged teen boys who cannot live at home. The ultimate goal is reuniting the youth with their families, but many have little hope of doing so and are essentially orphaned. In working collaboratively with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, My Friend’s House makes every effort to find the best possible solution for each child’s future.

My Friend’s House will name a room within the new home "The Predators Foundation and Smile Direct Club Foundation Empowerment Room."  This space will be used to help facilitate activities that are meant to empower the young men who live at My Friend's House, such as individual and group therapy, studying and tutoring time and computer skill sessions.

“As the New Year approaches and families celebrate the joys of the holiday season with their loved ones, it is also important to recognize that there are many people, including children, throughout Tennessee who have a different reality,” said Predators Chief Operating Officer Michelle Kennedy. “It feels especially significant for the Predators Foundation to award this SuperGrant to My Friend’s House during the holiday season.

"The mission of My Friend’s House is to serve at-risk youth in need by offering a home-like environment with a balance of structure, support, nurturing and expectations. This grant will improve a facility that has been serving our community for nearly 40 years and will enable them to build on their existing services that allow the children they serve to reach their full potential.”


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