Tin Roof 2

The doors of Franklin's The Tin Roof 2 will be unlocked and the owners are now allowed back inside the bar following an agreement in a Williamson County Courtroom on Monday.

The city had previously shut the business down and padlocked the door last week calling it a “public nuisance.” 

The hearing took place at 10:30 a.m. in a Williamson County Circuit Courtroom where lawyers for the City of Franklin and for The Tin Roof 2 reached an agreement to remove the padlock from the front door. There are still some items that the court will take up at a future date, requiring that another agreed order be filed by Oct. 16, although the details of those items were not disclosed by the lawyers in the case.

"We reached an agreement with the City of Franklin and we're very pleased that we were able to resolve this with the City of Franklin and this allows the doors to open back up at The Tin Roof 2, it allows the employees to go back to business and allows the business to continue serving the community as it has for the past 15 years," The Tin Roof 2's attorney Cole Dowsley told reporters after the hearing. "There are some remaining issues to resolve and we hope to resolve those amicably with the city and we anticipate filing anther agreed order by the end of the week addressing those outstanding issues."

While the owners are now able to reenter the building, it's not clear when the restaurant may reopen.

As previously reported, on Thursday the Franklin Beer Board suspended The Tin Roof 2's beer license for 30 days and levied a $3,000 fine against the business

In addition, the restaurant is also required to close each night at 11 p.m. instead of what had been a 3 a.m. closing time. They are also required to hire more security to monitor the business. They face a future hearing with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

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