Courtesy of the Williamson County Rescue Squad rescue horse from pool 2022

The Williamson County Rescue Squad responded to a unique call on Thursday after a horse became stuck in a residential swimming pool.

The horse named Tonto was rescued from the pool by WCRS with assistance from Williamson County Animal Control and Dr. Rena Chang from the Tennessee Equine Hospital.

According to WCRS, Tonto's owners called 911 after he wouldn't exit the pool on his own, where he was eventually led out by the use of rubber air bags and wooden cribbing. Those materials were able to help Tonto gain traction and climb the pool's steps, as well as using a hose line to help pull him forward.

Tonto received minor injuries from the incident, but the extent of those injuries was not released.

"We appreciate all of our community partners who work with us to serve our community," WCRS said in a social media post.