Richland Fine Art Gallery Owners Hunter Mobley Bradley Hickman, Amanda Beam, Stacy Beam.

Richland Fire Art Gallery has reopened under new ownership and is representing news artists in the revamped Green Hills space.

The gallery first opened in 2003 simply as Richland Fine Art under the ownership of Clay Whitelaw and Anne Goad, and now new owners Stacy and Amanda Beam, Bradley Hickman and Hunter Mobley have teamed up to lead the business in this new chapter.

“We'd always, all four of us, talked about that a little bit, dreamed about that, and so [with] Clay retiring his plan was to close the gallery, but it kind of gave us that seed of an idea to think what would it look like for us to take this on,” Mobley said. “We then spent four months doing a full renovation, a rebranding, so even though the gallery has been around for 20 years, in many ways, it feels like a brand new, fresh kind of opening.”

Co-Owner Stacy Beam, whose paintings can be found in the gallery, held his first pop-up art show at 16-years-old, and now his dreams have become a reality.

“I dreamed of a space of this kind of just really professional, really well-curated, presented in a way that feels elevated and invites just a larger sort of community in,” Stacy Beam said. “Thankfully, I encountered these lovely people who've kind of shared that dream with me.”


Richland Fine Art Gallery.

The reopening features a revamped and dynamic space with movable walls and a variety of artists across multiple mediums, from paintings by Gina Julian, Dean Shelton, Kari Julianna and Hiroshi Sato, to photographs by Reagan Corbett, among the more than a dozen represented artists.

“We've tried to kind of incorporate some very fresh, modern art that you would have never seen in the gallery beforehand, but kind of show how that can marry really well with very traditional art and kind of coexist in the same space in your home or in a gallery,” Amanda Beam said.

The gallery held a first look event on the weekend of Nov. 19 and hopes to continue to grow and offer more ways to connect with art and artists, including offering in-home or in-gallery art consultations. 

“Our vision for this space is kind of from the beginning to be a third space, a space where not only do you come in to buy a piece of art or look at art to make connections to make new relationships, find out more about yourself, learn more about other people, move even beyond art to just greater beauty as a whole,” Amanda Beam said, adding that they hope to use the space to connect with artists of all mediums and disciplines, designers, customers, along with corporate and nonprofit community members.

Richland Fine Art Gallery is located at 4009 Hillsboro Pike, suite 203A, and will be open by appointment only from Nov. 21-25, and open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Nov. 26 for small business Saturday, as well as 10 a.m.-6 p.m. from Nov. 8-Dec. 3.