Dear Home Page readers,

I have always loved birthdays – especially mine. Maybe it is the celebrating with family or maybe it is the opportunity to recognize a milestone. So I’m ready for a big old party – happy decade birthday to Brentwood Home Page!

It’s been ten years since Susan Leathers and I became partners and started In that time, the residents of Williamson County have seen ceaseless change and the Home Pages have reported on just about all of it, including government, schools, sports, crime, courts or of course, traffic.

While the business of journalism is certainly in disarray, the practice of local journalism is not and is more important than ever. In some cases, we are the only presence at a government meeting that will report to the citizens what their government has decided or will be deciding and how that affects their lives.

In 2012, we began our expansion with and every year after that with Nolensville, Spring Hill, Bellevue, Sumner County and two online magazines, Style Home Page and Business Williamson.

In 2018, Home Page Media Group was acquired by another local media company, FW Publishing. The pooling of resources and investments by owners Bill Freeman and Jimmy Webb is setting FWP up for a bright future. With collaboration between the Home Pages and the Nashville properties, Nashville Post, NFocus Magazine and Nashville Scene, we are forging ahead in our mission to give Middle Tennessee the news coverage it needs and deserves.

And the last very exciting change I”ll mention is in your hands. We’ve been staunchly digital until now but what we’ve learned through collaboration is that digital lifts print and print lifts digital. Readership grows when you marry the two and so does awareness.

Thank you to our loyal readers who have supported our Home Pages. Thank you to the editorial staff who have spent hours creating for you and thank you to our sales team for working to generate revenue which makes it all possible. One special shout out must be made to senior account executive Sue Falls, who has been with the company for nine-and-a-half years.

Lastly, thank you to our advertisers and sponsors. Without you, we simply would not be. We always hope to support you and bring our readership to your doors.

Warm regards,

Kelly Gilfillan, Publisher

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