When developers first began proposing the Berry Farms development off I-65 and Peytonsville Road/Goose Creek Bypass, it was referred to informally, and even in formal meetings, as “the next Cool Springs.”

Though things haven’t yet developed to that scale, just down the road Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station are waiting to see the if next-next Cool Springs will come south. Developers there are waiting for federal movement on a new interchange that will connect Buckner Road (the east-west road that leads from Buckner Lane to Hwy. 31 near Heritage Elementary) to the interstate across the Alexander Farm.

Spring Hill first began seeking approval for the new interchange from the Federal Highway Administration in 2007.

Once the money for that interchange is in place, planners expect to see the area transition from agricultural to a mixed-use retail, office space and residential development, hoping that Class A office space and jobs will ease the lives of long-suffering commuters.

In 2016, Southeast Venture, one of the key developers of Cool Springs, presented a development plan for the 780-acre Alexander Farm that the interchange would access.

But as much as economic development is a motivator, for residents of both Thompson’s Station and Spring Hill, the potential improvement for commuters and traffic are probably more exciting, as long as the improvement lasts.

Thompson’s Station absorbs much of Spring Hill’s commuter traffic off I-65 to and from points north via I-840 or Goose Creek Bypass. The next (and only other)  interchange for Spring Hill is 6 miles past I-840, Saturn Parkway. The hope is that a Buckner Road interchange in between would take much of that traffic off Hwy. 31 and ease traffic on Lewisburg Pike. Residents of subdivisions along Buckner Lane would have a much more efficient route to the Interstate. The alternate route provided by the interchange also is expected to ease traffic on Main Street in Spring Hill.

For many, though, it is a case of “be careful what you wish for.”

Both Thompson’s Station and Spring Hill are growing rapidly. Doubters fear that adding an interchange may just have a short-term effect on traffic and eventually end up just adding another congested corridor.


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