When it comes to food, Tennessee is known for a few things: hot chicken, fried bologna, and of course, barbecue. While barbecue offerings in Williamson County are a dime a dozen, one place in particular has drawn a dedicated following, and continues to create new regulars on a daily basis.

Nestled on Carothers Parkway, just south east of I-65 and Moores Lane lies one of Franklin’s hidden gems: The Butcher Block, a family-owned butcher and deli that brings with it 28 years of business ownership experience. Offering a variety of cuts including beef, poultry and pork, staff on the butcher side of the business offer step by step instructions on how guests can bring a fresh cut of meat from the shop all the way to the dinner table.

“Our goal is to bring people back to the table for dinner together family style — we want to make it an experience,” said store manager Emily Gray, daughter of owners Kim and Sam Gray. “That’s our goal, to bring people back to the table to eat together as a family, for people to not be overwhelmed with how to cook something; we give them step by step [instructions] and interaction with each customer when they come in.”

Carrying only all natural, hormone-free products, Kim Gray said it was difficult to narrow down what her favorite offering was on the butcher side of the business, but that their beef was a regular favorite among customers.

“That is tough because there are so many good things, but clearly by far, our beef is outstanding,” Kim Gray said. “The beef that we have a source for is absolutely incredible and it’s really hard to beat, and there’s a reason for that.”

Beyond raw cuts, The Butcher Block also carries plenty of ready-to-cook options like ham loaves, pork rolls, stuffed chicken and more.

While the butcher side of the business is designed for guests to take their favorite cuts back home to cook for family or friends, those wanting a dine-in experience can check out the deli for an array of freshly made sandwiches.

“On the deli side, [my favorite] would have to be our sandwiches just because they’re made fresh on site,” Kim Gray said. “Our breads come from a bakery so they’re fresh, preservative-free. Everything’s hand-crafted from the deli side of the store to the beef side of the store — if it’s in our case, it’s been prepared.”

Using all Boar’s Head Meats and cheeses and bread from Masada Bakery, The Butcher Block’s sandwiches are no afterthought — featuring sandwiches with chipotle crusted chicken, oven roasted turkey and corned beef. The Butcher Block’s sandwiches are also available for takeout or delivery via UberEats. Guests can also grab some more items to take home from the deli from the Amish goods selection, such as eggs and fresh honey.

The Butcher Block is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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