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At The Wealth Management Group, giving back is at the core of the company. Whether it’s providing comprehensive financial plans to clients or enabling members of the community to give charitably, WMG has a plan for everyone. The professionals at WMG are there to assist clients to address their dreams, plans, strengths, stressors and concerns towards thriving financially. 

Along with their mission to support charities and local businesses, WMG also wants to help you do the same by giving smart and giving locally. They have tax guides to help clients choose who to give to and can help with creating charitable trusts as well as create financial strategies that empower the client to give in meaningful ways.  

With the CARES Act of 2020, which is a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus bill in response to COVID-19, families and businesses have new financial options and decisions to make. The planners and advisors at WMG have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the CARES Act, which empowers them to help clients make smart decisions for themselves and their families during these unprecedented times. You can click here to look at the CARES Act key components. 

This holiday season, clients may choose to donate to charities, open a trust, gift to a family member or gift to an organization. WMG, which has been operating in Franklin for almost 20 years, is here to fulfill that desire.  

Robert S. Collins, WMG’s Chief Executive Officer and a CFP®, has been with the company since 1992. He said he looks forward to the opportunities WMG can create for clients as they look for ways to be charitable this holiday season and that the company’s Eight Pillars of Planning are integral to understanding its mission as well as what makes WMG the perfect place to come for financial guidance. 

The eight pillars are as follows: 

  • Financial Planning—Managing assets proactively and adjusting investments carefully 

  • Wealth Management—Incorporate all financial goals, concerns and opportunities 

  • Risk Management—Offensive, defensive and alternatives to help manage wealth 

  • Business Planning—Optimize cash flow, retirement planning and succession planning for family and privately owned businesses 

  • Cash Management—gives clients access to non-proprietary financial products and services 

  • Tax Planning—Explaining tax strategies and managing tax bills 

  • Estate Planning—Ensures financial success is shared with family, friends and charitable organizations 

  • Charitable Giving—Discuss interests and ideas, ensuring that long term goals and aspirations are funded 

The Wealth Management Group is giving back to its community through financial planning, which aims to enable their clients to give back even more. With their guidance, clients will be able to give not only through the holidays, but throughout the entire year.

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