Merry and Bright Hometown Holiday Decorating Contest

Nolensville canceled its newly announced Merry and Bright Hometown Holiday Parade due to surges in cases of COVID-19, but will continue the Merry and Bright Hometown Holiday Decorating Contest in December.

The parade was initially scheduled for Dec. 6, but now will not take place. 

"However, with the ever increasing numbers of COVID cases in the state, we believe it is the most responsible decision to cancel the parade — even with mask protocols and social distancing in place — there’s too much risk with the number of cases right now. When we began planning this, things looked very different than they do right now. We are hopeful to have a wonderful parade next year," the Nolensville Town Events Advisory Committee said in a social media post on Wednesday.

As previously reported, the holiday decoration contest will still take place with judging and awards to take place on Dec. 20.

The contest is open to all businesses and homeowners with a 37135 zip code, and is free to enter. 

Applications are due on Wednesday, Dec. 16, and all homes and businesses must be fully decorated by that night. If a home or business is not decorated by the deadline, the application will be null and void.

Three winners will be selected on Dec. 20 with awards for the "Most Lit Home," "Most Lit Business" and "Most Lit Subdivision." 

All participants should be willing to share their home and/or business address, as photos and videos of applicants as well as addresses will be posted to the Town's website and social media pages.

More information about the event can be found here.