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This holiday season, we invite you to ‘see the light’ with a customized LED light therapy facial treatment at Hand & Stone. During your next facial appointment, allow your esthetician to match the appropriate light to your skin to deliver that perfect glow in time for holiday festivities. Hand & Stone now offers four light therapy options, each providing their own skin benefits. Read on for the full menu of choices.

Red light therapy targets anti-aging concerns and is exclusively paired with the Rejuvenating Facial. Red LED wavelengths stimulate new skin cell and collagen regeneration and help to reduce the appearance of pronounced wrinkles. This service is a favorite of those looking for a non-invasive form of skin rejuvenation. Red LED pairs well with either microdermabrasion or a NuFACE lift.

Blue light therapy is best for oily or problem skin types and is paired with the Detox Facial. This light inhibits collagen formation, which can be helpful in the treatment of acne scars. Blue light also reduces bacteria, redness, and inflammation associated with acne. Add a Salicylic acid peel to further enhance the results.

Green light therapy helps to break up stained skin cells and is paired with the Brightening Facial. This is a universal treatment which benefits a variety of skin types and has become the most popular LED light choice at Hand & Stone. The green light helps to diminish superficial hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and brown discolorations on the skin. The Lactic acid peel or Dermalinfusion is an ideal combination with green light therapy.

New this year! Amber light therapy is exclusively paired with the Rosacea Facial and is ideal for sensitive skin types. Amber light diminishes signs of redness and reduces the appearance of Rosacea and flushed skin.  This service soothes and comforts the skin while restoring clarity.

Book your LED light therapy facial today and  and you’ll be sure to light up any room this holiday season.