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These are some strange days.
We all know the toilet paper disappeared days ago from grocery stores. Now, we watch fellow shoppers in the aisles of Publix and Kroger shaking their heads in bewilderment. To hear “this is crazy” is a daily occurrence.

“Our lives are getting upended in ways that not even world war could alter. After all, people still could go to dinner and a movie in wartime,” shared John Nagy, editor of
Our work will keep you informed, engaged and educated about coronavirus. We have committed to bring you this information free of charge on our website. You can find that link at Williamson Home Page. It will remain as long as there is a need for it.
Yesterday, 70+ people stepped up to support our work and we sincerely thank you. This is a bit unconventional but we just want to say thank you by name to all those who were the first to step up and help support local journalism.

We think you are amazing! Frank, Lynne, Tony, Mike, Deborah, Barbara, Mindy, Cynthia, Mary, Beth, Julie, Lisa, Amanda, Betsy, Jeffrey, Barbara, Cheryl, Thomas, Kathy, Janet, Leigh, John, Carmen, Bobby, Stephen, Robert, Kim, Doug, Barry, Rod, Kay, Ann, Elisabeth, Deanna, Tom, Theresa, Kenneth, Brenda, Brian, Irene, Kendra, Ashley, Michelle, Susan, Douglas, Kathy, Jay, Catherine, Helen, Claire, Carmen, David, KR, Beth, Lisa, Jane, David, Stacy, Diana, James, Davied, Brenda, Andy, Melissa.

It is more important than ever that you understand what's going on in your community. Here at the Home Pages, we are committed to keep you abreast of the latest information from what services are still open to how best you can keep yourself and your family healthy. And yes, regrettably we are also following the toilet paper outages.
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Just so you know how special our team is, check out this story by Matt Masters. "A Day Like Today": Music and meaning on quarantined streets

Our team of four reporters, three editors, sales executives and designers are continuing to work through this time. The Home Page newsletters will continue and may, in fact, grow in frequency as news warrants.

No crisis in the last 10-plus years affected our core mission to keep Williamson County informed, and we're not breaking that today. That is our commitment to you.
We only ask that, since all this work still comes at considerable cost to us, you consider a Home Page Community membership to support community journalism.

Thank you. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay calm. And please don't swipe other people's TP.

Wishing you the best,

Kelly Gilfillan | Publisher

Amanda Haggard | Managing Editor

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