Image: Playground equipment to be installed near the picnic shelter at Crockett Park. The exact color scheme has not been decided yet.


Kids at Crockett Park will soon have new slides to swish down, thanks to the City Commission this week.

On Monday night, the City Commission voted to enter into a $30,000 agreement to install a playground next to the picnic shelter at Crockett Park. The plastic playground will feature two different play areas, one for children two to five years old and one for kids five to 12 years old.

The park is currently home to the long-standing, wooden Brentwood Community Playground. This new playground will be much smaller and located in a different section of the park. Whereas the community playground is up the hill by the baseball fields, this playground will be at the foot of the hill, on the eastern side of the park just southeast of the multipurpose fields.

At last week’s City Commission informational session, City Manager Kirk Bednar noted that the picnic shelter at Crockett Park is popular, but that there is really nothing right around it. According to the city’s website, shelters at other parks, including Granny White Park, River Park and Owl Creek Park, all have playgrounds close by.

The city examined six different proposals and 15 different playground configurations before deciding on the current design from Great Southern Recreation. Money had been set aside in the city’s most recent Capital Improvements Program for the purchase and installation of this playground.

City of Brentwood Parks Director Dave Bunt said work on installing the playground would being in a couple of months.

“It should start going in in early November, as soon as our season ends,” he said. “We didn’t want to do construction during the season.”