After nearly a decade on Nolensville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Brian Snyder said farewell to the other board members at his final meeting last week.

Snyder’s term ended this year, and did not run for reelection. He considered running for Mayor earlier, but then decided to pull his name off the ballot because he wasn’t sure he would have enough time.

By the time he decided not to run for mayor, it was already too late to run for reelection as an Alderman.

Snyder was appointed to the board in 2009, and then won his first election in 2010. He was reelected in 2014.

He said he decided to get involved with town government when he and his family built a house in Nolensville around 2006. He started attending public meetings and talked to several city leaders about how he could help out.

After volunteering on a committee for town events, he ran for Alderman in 2008. He lost that election, but the next year Alderman Ken Thomas moved away from Nolensville. Then Mayor Beth Lothers appointed Snyder to fill that spot.

“One of my main reasons for wanting to run was to be a part of the community and to someday be able to tell our girls, these are the things we did,” he said. “When there was a lot of work to be done and a lot of things that needed to be figured out we got our hands dirty and we did it.”

Snyder said one of the accomplishments he was most proud of was helping to build a new town hall for the city government. He said the board saw how fast the town was growing and wanted to make sure that the town staff would be able to keep up with the growth.

He said one of the hardest parts of being an Alderman is having to miss out on important events.

“Having two young children, I’ve missed my fair share of ball games, practices, dance practices, recitals, school events. I don’t take any of that lightly. Missing those is always very difficult,” he said.

Despite missing those important events, Snyder said he loved connecting with people in person or over the phone to talk about the future of the town. He said residents would sometimes reach out to complain about a proposal, but they would later become friends.

Next year, Derek Adams will replace Snyder as an Alderman on the board. Snyder said he would offer one bit of advice to Adams and the remaining board members. He said it can often be hard to separate a personal opinion from what is best for the town.

“I think it’s easy to look at a very short-term, near-sighted type of vision. This solves a need today,” he said. “Nolensville is constantly evolving. It’s drastically different today than it was 10 years ago … You’ve got to be careful, strategic and aggressive on the things that make sense for Nolensville, not just right now.”

Nolensville’s new Board of Mayor and Aldermen, including Adams, will meet for the first time in January. Mayor Jimmy Alexander and Alderman Tommy Dugger both won their reelection campaigns and will remain on the board.

The term for Alderman Larry Felts and Vice Mayor Jason Patrick will end in 2020.

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