Blackburn speaking

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday that the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump will be sent to the Senate next week, ending nearly a month's worth of heated back and forth between Republicans and Democrats.

U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee called the delay in sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate a "political process" on the part of Democrats, and argued that Senate members' time would be better spent on matters that [Tennesseans] care about."

"Of course the Democrats had said it was urgent, they had to do this quickly and they had to get those articles done, [but] we are still waiting," Blackburn said. "I think what Tennesseans are seeing from this is that it's a political process for them - they decided three years ago that they were going to impeach him, they just had to find something, the issue has changed over the course of the three years. People are telling us - all the counties that I have been in - they would really like for us to get to work."

Last month on December 18, Trump was impeached by Congress under two charges; abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. These two charges stem from Trump's May 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which Trump requested Zelensky to investigate Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden.

Blackburn has previously called the impeachment hearings a "failed strategy," and reiterated her belief that Tennesseans would prefer to see Senate members work on "issues they care about."

"[Tennesseans] want us to continue working on issues they care about; walking down these tax cuts, securing the border and making certain that our communities are safe," Blackburn said. "We are going to continue to do our work, we're going to continue to confirm judges, and we will see what the House is going to end up doing with their impeachment articles."