Caleb Bayless

Caleb Bayless

Assistant District Attorney Caleb Bayless announced Monday the start of his campaign for Circuit Court Judge for the 22nd Judicial District, Part IV, which includes Spring Hill.

Bayless is pushing his record for being tough on crime as a primary selling point in his bid for Circuit Court. He will be listed as the Republican nominee on the ballot in the August election as he runs without Republican opposition. He runs with the support of his wife, Christina, and their daughter, Cohen. He has also named Al Ray as campaign treasurer.

“I am excited to launch my campaign for Circuit Court Judge, and connect with voters across Giles, Lawrence, Maury and Wayne Counties,” said Bayless. “It has been a great honor to serve the people of our community in the District Attorney’s office, and I look forward to building on the good work I have already done to keep our community safe, and the best place in Tennessee to live, work, and raise a family.”

This comes after Judge Stella Hargrove announced plans to retire in August. Having been a lawyer since 1977, Hargrove became the first female prosecuting attorney in the 22nd judicial district as well as the first female circuit court judge in the district’s history. Hargrove also made history as the first female president of the Maury County Bar Association.

Along with Maury County, the 22nd Judicial District also includes Giles, Lawrence and Wayne Counties. Bayless aims to fill the venerable shoes of Judge Hargrove.

Micah Caleb Bayless served for over a decade as an assistant district attorney in the district, and in this role, he has earned a reputation for being tough on crime according to a release announcing the launch of his campaign. Bayless expressed his intent to be consistent in fairness and to be knowledgeable in his application of the law. Bayless added that he would uphold the state and federal Constitutions and secure the rights of all citizens in his courtroom.

“I will always follow the rule of law, and hold dangerous criminals accountable,” Bayless said. “I believe strong families build strong communities. I look forward to earning the trust and votes of the people of Giles, Lawrence, Maury and Wayne Counties.”

The general election is set for Thursday, Aug. 4, with early voting to span from Friday, July 15 to Saturday, July 30.