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Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg are leading the way in Tennessee in terms of Democratic support ahead of the presidential primary on March 3, with Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren trailing behind, in that order. 

President Donald Trump still held a comfortable lead in all matchups, drawing 55 - 57% of the vote in all instances.

In the latest Tennessee poll from Mason-Dixon, the nation’s most active state polling organization, both Biden and Bloomberg drew 39% of the vote - only in the Bloomberg/Trump matchup, Trump performed worse by one percentage point, drawing more undecided responses, giving the former New York mayor and businessman a slight edge in winning the primary.

Trailing closely behind, the poll found a Buttigieg/Trump matchup to be split 38 - 55%, a 37 - 57% split for a Sanders/Trump matchup, and a 36 - 57% split for a Warren/Trump matchup. The poll also reveals that a Sanders/Trump matchup would see the highest percentage of Democrats defy their party and vote for Trump, with 6% of those polled signaling as such.

Breaking down the poll results into sex, women who identified as Democrats supported Bloomberg and Buttigieg the most, with the two candidates tied at 46%. On the other hand, men who identified as Democrats supported Biden and Bloomberg the most, with both candidates tied at 39%.

Mason-Dixon interviewed a total of 625 registered Tennessee voters via telephone, and reports a margin of error of no more than 4 percentage points. The proportion between those polled who registered as either a Republican or Democrat was calculated using voter registration data by county.

Tennessee has voted Republican in every presidential race since the year 2000, with polls suggesting that to remain true in 2020. Nevertheless, if the presidential primary results reflect the Mason-Dixon poll, Biden and Bloomberg are likely to come out victorious on March 3 in the volunteer state.