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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn and State Senator Jack Johnson stopped by the Williamson County Administration Building in Franklin on Wednesday to cast their ballots for the 2018 midterm elections.

On the eve of the final day of early voting, Blackburn urged residents to get to the polls and cast their ballots.

“You’ve got one more day to get those ballots in for the early vote,” Blackburn said. “So if you haven’t come yet, treat yourself, get to the polls [and] get your ballot in the box.”

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that he was preparing to remove birthright citizenship via an executive order; when asked if she agreed with the president’s proposal, Blackburn said that the matter “deserves a look.”

When asked about the caravan of migrants from Central America currently headed towards the southern U.S. border, Blackburn said that “we need to be certain we protect our southern border.”

“If you have one caravan, you’re going to have two, then 20, and it never stops,” Blackburn said. “If my opponent had his way, he would probably be down there at the border welcoming them, giving them driving certificates, encouraging them to get involved in his campaign, and probably wanting them to vote.”

Blackburn said that she’ll be working tirelessly the next six days, and that she was pleased to see an outpouring of bipartisan support during her travels.

“There is so much enthusiasm,” Blackburn said. “Every part of the state, we’re just getting such a great reception, whether it’s Democrats, independents or Republicans. We’ve got good bipartisan support – the nice thing is, it grows every single day.”

Early voting will continue through November 1. For voting locations in Williamson County and further details, click here.

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