The City of Brentwood awarded $344,250 to schools and recreation service providers in the community during the August City Commission meeting on Monday evening. 

The money, which is provided by taxes, was broken down into varying amounts for 12 Brentwood schools in the amount of $239,000 and $60,250 for community service providers.

Brentwood and Ravenwood High Schools received $62,400 each while Brentwood, Sunset and Woodland Middle School each received $15,600. Crockett, Edmondson, Jordan, Kenrose, Lipscomb and Scales Elementary School were also awarded $10,400.  Sunset Elementary was also awarded $5,000 due to the percentage of Brentwood students enrolled.

Williamson County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jason Golden and School Board Member Shelia Cleveland joined principals and other representatives from each school in the meeting where they all expressed thanks for the funds, with many saying that funds will help to advance STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs including robotics which has grown in popularity across the district.

“One of the things that we talk about is celebrating what you value, I appreciate you asking our principals to come in, to speak to you tonight, because we are celebrating what you value and it’s the same thing — the quality of education for our children, so thank you all very much,” Golden said.

The FiftyForward Martin Center was awarded $50,000 while Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency was awarded $3,250.

FiftyForward provides resources and support for adults 50 years old and older in Middle Tennessee through seven locations and a variety of programs in Davidson and Williamson counties. More information about FiftyForward can be found at

Mid-Cumberland provides services that work toward improving the health, well-being, and economic opportunities of people needing critical support or of those who may have an immediate need in Middle Tennessee. More information about Mid-Cumberland can be found at

$13,000 was awarded to the Brentwood YMCA while $18,000 was awarded to the Brentwood Blaze Youth Football and $21,00 went to the Brentwood Ball Club to provide a variety of community sports services and special needs programs.

“We have a community here that works together and education and providing theses services that are so important to all the families whether they have needs of whether it’s in sports or education, it’s because the taxpayers are willing to allow us to give the money back to the programs that are important to build a community like this,” Commissioner Anne Dunn said.


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