Brentwood Baptist Church held their Baptism in the Hall event on Wednesday night where children and young adults were baptized in a time of change as the new school year begins for both traditional students and those transitioning to college.

Each of the 13 people that were baptized were submerged in two metal basins in front of about 100 congregants who joined the newly declared Christians in song and prayer before and after the ceremony. 

One of the newly baptized was 18-year-old Jolie Mayes who was the oldest person to take part in the ceremony. Mayes said that while she came to Christ when she was a sophomore in high school, she wanted to wait on the ceremony until it felt like the right time, a time that came after a missions trip to Chicago.

“I am really glad that I waited until I was older and could fully understand what it means to be a Christian and what it meant to give your life to Christ,” Mayes said.

Mayes admitted that while she wasn’t nervous at first, she did begin to feel more nervous the closer she got to her time in the ceremony. She described the experience as less of being reborn and more of a strengthening a spiritual relationship through the baptism.

“It’s more that you’ve built a stronger connection with God and there’s that bond that holds you and Christ together,” Mayes said.

Brentwood Campus Student Minister Garett Gregory led the baptisms and said that event was meant to give students the opportunity to profess their faith around their friends and family as the summer transitions into the new school year, a time when students face new challenges and experiences.

“Scripture speaks to now as well,” Gregory said. 

Brentwood Baptist Church Communications Minister Steve Smith said that services like the baptisms help the church to stay connected to its members in the Brentwood community.

“One of the things that we’re emphasizing right now in the life our church is saying that we need to refocus on the Brentwood community,” Smith said. “We are here in this community, we are part of this community, we have served this community for 50 years and existed in this community for 50 years this year, and we need to really take a fresh look at what does it look like to be a family of faith in the Brentwood Community?”

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