Glasses of beer

Two glasses of beer on a bar counter.

The Brentwood Beer Board met after Monday night’s city commission meeting where they heard five violations all stemming from a series of stings in April.

The investigation was a state-led initiative meant to test the compliance to ID laws in restaurants and bars, according to Brentwood Police Chief Jeff Hughes.

The five violations included City Cafe on Franklin Road, Le Skewer on Franklin Road, Ludlow and Prime on Franklin Road, Pei Wei Asian Diner on Creek Side Crossing and Twin Peaks on Galleria Boulevard. 

All of the violations involved beer that was sold to a minor, while the violation against Pei Wei Asian Diner also involved the sale of beer by a minor.

The board leveled temporary suspensions of beer sales against all of the violators for seven days, except for Pei Wei Asian Diner which was given a 10-day suspension for the additional violation.

All of the suspensions will begin on Aug. 19 with the exception of Twin Peaks whose suspension will start on Aug. 26. 

While the board stressed the potential severity of future violations, which could lead to a permanent revocation of beer and liquor licenses, they did express an understanding of the challenges in selling alcohol, adding that the board did not want to see any Brentwood business suffer or fail.

None of the violators contested the charges and all took corrective actions including adding additional signage, expanding training and revising internal policies and the termination of at least one employee.

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