Police promotions

Cpt. Jimmy Campbell and Lt. Nick Surre


Monday night was a special occasion for two members of the Brentwood Police at the weekly city commission meeting. Before the board of commissioners addressed various resolutions regarding the approval of repairs and construction, Jeff Hughes, Brentwood’s chief of police, honored Cpt. Jimmy Campbell and Lt. Nick Surre with police badges for their recent promotions.

Both officers were commended for their hard work and leadership within the police department.

Campbell’s wife, two daughters and mother looked on as Hughes described the Campbell’s extensive experience with the Brentwood Police Department.

After receiving his degree in criminal justice from Middle Tennessee State University, Campbell was in the day shift patrol division of the police department as a lieutenant. He will have spent 24 years with BPD in August, and has served as the field training officer and coordinator for 10 years. Additionally, he is expected to attend the esteemed FBI National Academy in January.

After Campbell received his police badge, Lt. Nick Surre, who brought his wife and three sons with him, took to the floor as Hughes described his various accomplishments.

Surre recently completed his twelfth year with the Brentwood Police Department in April, and will continue his evening shift in the patrol division. The chief of police said that he was on the Williamson County SWAT team, and currently oversees the fitness program for internal personnel and for police applicants. He graduated from Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan also with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

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