Public Safety Day Festival

Courtesy of the City of Brentwood


The 9th annual Public Safety Day Festival will take place Sept. 28 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

The festival will take place at the Brentwood Place Shopping Center at 330 Franklin Road, in front of Stein Mart, where visitors can meet local police officers, firefighters and paramedics who work everyday to keep Brentwood safe.

The festival will include children’s activities, fire displays and displays of police and other emergency vehicles. 

There will also be CPR demonstrations, a residential fire sprinkler exhibition and two demonstrations by the Brentwood Fire Department that show attendees how how firefighters remove a person who is trapped in their car along with an extrication with the assistance of the department’s new drone. 

If you need a car seat check, licensed professionals will also be on site to offer car seat checks.

In addition to the first responder demonstrations, children can play in a jump castle, see a hazmat trailer, a water spray station and meet K-9 units and DARE officers.

“This event is an excellent way for children and parents to learn about fire safety in a controlled environment. Children will be able to operate a real fire hose and see firsthand how fast a small room can go up in flames. This day helps educate our community’s youngest and oldest residents about the responsibility of public safety and what to do if ever they encounter an emergency,” Brentwood Fire Chief Brian Goss said in a news release.

The most visual event, a side-by-side house burn demonstration, will be the final event of the day which will take place around noon. 

The significance of the side by side burn is to show the public how important it is to have a working smoke alarms and the value of having your residence and/or workplace equipped with fire sprinklers. 

“It really shows residents and the public how a sprinkler system works and clears up any myths that television and Hollywood incorrectly have incorrectly depicted,” Event Coordinator Engineer Adam Wyngaard said in a news release. 

In addition to the Public Safety Day Festival, all four Brentwood Fire Stations will be open and offering tours on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

Firefighters will be able to discuss station life, explain their duties, and talk about fire safety. Brentwood’s four stations are located at 5211 Maryland Way, 1301 Wilson Pike, 1750 General George Patton Drive and 1300 Sunset Road.

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