PHOTO: Alderman Brian Snyder pulled out of the Nolensville mayoral race on Thursday. / Photo courtesy of Brian Snyder


A candidate has withdrawn from the Nolensville mayoral race.

Alderman Brian Snyder said he pulled out of the race Thursday because he’s not certain he’ll have enough time to dedicate to the job if he wins.

He recently sold his small business and is looking for new job opportunities, so he’s not entirely sure what his schedule will be like in the future.

“I didn’t want to get in there and think, ‘I have bitten off more than I can chew,’” he said in a video posted to his campaign’s Facebook page.

In the video, he explained that he wanted to make sure he had enough time to spend with his family. He added that the town would be in good hands with the current Mayor Jimmy Alexander.

Alexander is the only candidate left in the race for mayor now that Snyder has dropped out.

Snyder picked up petitions for both the mayoral and aldermanic race in May, but only filed paperwork for the mayoral race. Now, the deadline to file paperwork has passed and Snyder can’t run for Alderman either.

Snyder’s term as an Alderman ends in December, but he doesn’t plan on fading away. He still wants to be an active resident. He thinks the town could improve its communication with residents.

“I still plan on being around and being a voice,” he said. “I hope to be back in the race the next go around. I just felt like there were too many unknowns and too much of a gamble for a public position. Nolensville deserves the best.”

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