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Congressman-elect Mark Green was unanimously voted as the president of the Republican Freshman Class Tuesday night for the incoming Republicans of the 116th United States House of Representatives.

A total of 30 congressman-elect voted for Green to represent the newly elected Republicans making their way into the House in January of next year.

“I’m honored to be elected by this distinguished group of colleagues as president of the Freshman Class,” Green said in a statement. “I ran for Congress to take our successful leadership in Tennessee to Congress, and am excited to be able to lead the freshman class.”

While Republicans retained a majority in the Senate, gaining two seats for a total of 53, Democrats took control of the House, gaining 38 seats for a House split of 233 – 199. Going into the midterm elections, Republicans had majority of the House at a split of 235 – 193.

A study conducted by the nonprofit political encyclopedia organization Ballotpedia found that throughout the last 100 years, the party of the president lost, on average, a total of 29 seats in the House during midterm elections, making Democrats’ gains in the House of 38 seats above average.

Entering a Democrat controlled House, Green has previously said he will “look for areas of commonality” with Democrat to get things done.

“Mark is a veteran and served our state as a leader in the legislature,” said Tim Burchett, Congressman-elect for Tennessee’s 2nd District. “As new members of Congress, we need someone advocating for us who understands the process. That’s why I was honored to nominate Mark to be our freshman class president.”

Green, a veteran of the Iraq War, served as an infantry officer in the Army before requesting to be sent to medical school. Following his graduation from Boonshoft School of Medicine in Ohio, Green was selected to serve as a flight surgeon, where he would later go on to participate in Operation Red Dawn, the military operation responsible for the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Green later founded and served as CEO of Align MD, a healthcare staffing company, before ultimately being elected to serve in the Tennessee Senate.

Green will take office in the U.S. House of Representatives at 12 p.m. on January 3, 2019.

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