WillCo Seal

The official seal of Williamson County was adopted in 1968.

A new task force that will be charged with evaluating the necessity of altering the Williamson County seal, which bears the image of a Confederate flag, was formally approved Monday.

County commissioners voted 18-5 on the formation of the task force.

Monday marked the third and final vote on the formation of the task force, with the county Property Committee approving the formation of the task force by a vote of 3-1 last month, and the county Budget Committee narrowly approving its formation by a vote of 3-2 last week.

In an hourslong meeting of discussion and proposals, commissioners threw out a bevy of different ideas, including things like limiting the task force to only addressing the removal of the Confederate flag, doing away with the task force and allowing the commission to vote on the flag’s removal itself, or just doing away with the county seal altogether.

Ultimately, however, the majority of amendments failed. What did pass was the original proposal: the creation of a nine-member task force composed of the county historian Rick Warwick and eight other leaders in local Black, business and religious communities.

Members of the new task force, which other than the county historian have not been filled yet, are as follows:

  • One representative of Williamson Inc.

  • Two representatives from two third-generation Williamson County families, with at least one being of an African American family

  • One representative of the Heritage Foundation

  • One representative from the African American Heritage Society

  • One African American business owner

  • One African American religious or community leader

  • One representative from the Williamson County Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • County Historian Rick Warwick

With Commissioner Ricky Jones absent, 18 commissioners voted in favor of the task force’s formation, with commissioners Bert Chalfant, Judy Herbert, Gregg Lawrence, Erin Nations and Barb Sturgeon voting against.

The task force’s members will be appointed by September, with the task force expected to make an evaluation on altering the county seal in October.