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County Commissioner Beth Lothers listens to Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson speak during the dedication of the Lewis Green Bridge in Nolensville.

Williamson County's mask mandate will expire at midnight on Saturday night and will not be renewed.

The county will instead encourage citizens to wear masks in public.

The decision was made by Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson, who initially issued the mandate in July. According to a news release on Saturday, Anderson and the county will continue to encourage citizens to wear masks in public to help combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"After lengthy deliberation and consideration of extensive input, Mayor Anderson will allow expiration of the order mandating face coverings late tonight," the news release reads. "As our numbers of new COVID-19 cases have decreased, many citizens have stated that they will take responsibility to wear a face covering voluntarily if the mandate is lifted. Mayor Anderson believes that wearing a face covering in public places, especially indoors when one must be in close proximity with others, is an important way to slow the spread of COVID-19, and is urging Williamson County residents to continue to voluntarily wear a facial covering when in public spaces where physical distancing is not possible." 

While the county-wide mandate will be expired, the county will still require masks to be worn inside of all county-owned buildings, and private businesses can continue to require masks for their employees and customers.

The Tennessee Supreme Court’s orders will also continue to apply to wearing of face coverings in buildings where court is conducted.

Schools will also remain independent in their face mask requirements on school property as dictated by local boards of education and school superintendents for the school districts.

Williamson County Schools COVID-19 health response including their specific mask mandate can be found here.

As of Friday, Williamson County reported 4,295 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with a reported 51,268 negative tests and 27 deaths

Statewide, there are 150,815 confirmed cases, 1,701 deaths, 6,751 hospitalizations and 113,313 recoveries.

According to The New York Times, at least 46,556 new cases and 1,010 new coronavirus deaths were reported in the United States on Aug. 28, bringing total numbers of infections to over 5.9 million with over 182,000 deaths.

NYT is also reporting over the past week the nation has seen an average of 41,980 cases per day, a decrease of 6% from the average two weeks earlier.

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