After a grocery store near Brentwood sold a $1 million lottery ticket this month, lotto fever has spread to shoplifters.

Two people are suspected of stealing lottery tickets on Thursday from a gas station on Franklin Road. Police report that one suspect distracted the clerk while another suspect took the tickets.

In its weekly crime analysis, the Brentwood Police Department reported that the two suspects were identified and charges are pending.

On Monday, the Tennessee Lottery reported that the $1 million ticket purchased from a store near Brentwood was still unclaimed, and still hasn’t reported a winner.

Police suspect that someone stole coupon inserts from the warehouse for a local newspaper on August 17. The unidentified suspect took the coupons from the warehouse without forced entry.

There were seven reports of thefts from cars between August 17 and August 23. The thefts occurred at the Brentwood YMCA, Owl Creek Park, a shopping center on Franklin Road and two subdivisions.

The drivers lost wallets, purses, a radar detector and a backpack.

Late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, someone broke into a car and stole a handgun from a subdivision near Granny White Pike. On the same street, someone stole a car out of a driveway.

Police also reported that a shoplifter stole some headphones from a store on Galleria Boulevard, and someone stole some construction equipment from a residential area.

The Brentwood Police department didn’t report any business or residential burglaries. There were no reports of vandalism or robbery.

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