Nolensville Rd x Summerlyn Dr Intersection

Intersection at which Darcey development is being built.

The Darcey development is the latest of several significant developments to come to Nolensville and rely on Metro Nashville for water.

The developer has been identified as Nashville-based Barge Design Solutions. Barge has recently pulled permits for Metro Water Services to channel an expected flow of over 100,000 gallons per day to its nearly 38 acres under development. The mixed-use development will also feature 16,800 square feet of office space, 14,500 square feet of restaurant space and 90,000 square feet of retail space. The latter includes the development’s anchor tenant, Kroger.

Site Engineering Consultants, based in Murfreesboro, has similarly done the same to pull Metro water for the Mosley Farms development to come. RaganSmith Associates at the close of last year also got approved permits to draw Metro water to a burgeoning subdivision in Nolensville called Willowbrook, positioned near the convergence of the borders of Davidson, Rutherford and Williamson Counties.

The local College Grove Utility District has been known on rare occasion to issue watering restrictions during uncommonly oppressive drought, but such things are not uncommon for towns of comparable size. Nolensville is currently known as an area of exceptional growth, however, which lends it to comparisons with others like Spring Hill whose municipal growth is nationally ranked due to the rate thereof. 

Population growth in Spring Hill has ballooned to the extent that it has become decreasingly rare for the town to institute similar water restrictions, as it has already this summer, because of how much water residents use daily for things like lawn care. The significance of such things for either town is that, when restrictions are necessary, it is often partly because the local fire service needs to a certain minimal amount of available water to deal with any emergencies that arise.

The Darcey development does represent population growth, but it may also represent a sort of growth advantage for Nolensville inasmuch as more developments are able to rely on Metro Water Services like Darcey will. 

The project is slated to bring five single-family units, 96 two-bedroom apartments and 115 one-bedroom apartments. Almost 2,500 gallons are for the single-family housing units coming to the development site.