absentee ballot

As the state primary election fast approaches on Aug. 6, those who would prefer to vote by mail must request an absentee ballot by Thursday, July 30.

To request an absentee ballot online, click here.

While absentee ballots in Tennessee were historically limited to those who fell under a very specific list of criteria, in June a Nashville judge ordered absentee ballots to be expanded to any citizen who would prefer to vote by mail due to safety concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Other qualifiers that allow citizens to vote by mail include living in an assisted living home, being 60 years-old and over and more. Newly added to that list of qualifiers is concerns related to COVID-19, with the qualifier written as follows:

"You are hospitalized, ill or physically disabled and unable to appear at your polling place to vote; and/or you have determined it is impossible or unreasonable to vote in-person due to the COVID-19 situation."

For a full list of absentee ballot qualifiers and disqualifiers, click here.