Over the weekend a host of anti-drug organizations helped to collect more than 120 pounds of prescription medication in the Drug Take Back event at Brentwood City Hall.

The Williamson County Anti-Drug Coalition, the Brentwood Police Department, Addiction Campuses, the University of Tennessee School of Pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Agency collected 122 pounds of prescription medication on Saturday.

The medicine will be transported to an incinerator in Alabama and destroyed, keeping prescription drugs out of the hands of children and others susceptible to abuse.

This one-day event is aimed at making it easier for the public to rid their homes of potentially dangerous prescription drugs. Unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety issue, leading to accidental poisoning, overdose and abuse. Pharmaceutical drugs can be just as dangerous as street drugs when taken without a prescription or a doctor’s supervision.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Tennessee is one of the top states in painkiller prescriptions with 143 prescriptions per 100 people.

The non-medical use of prescription drugs ranks second only to marijuana as the most common form of drug abuse in America. The majority of teenagers abusing prescription drugs get them from family and friends.

After previous Take Back Days over the last five years, approximately 3,000 tons of prescription drugs were brought to collection sites that DEA and its state, local and tribal law enforcement partners established.

For more information on Drug Take-Back Day please contact the Drug Enforcement Administration. Brentwood City Hall is located at 5211 Maryland Way.

Samantha Hearn reports for Home Page Media Group. She can be reached via email at or on Twitter @samanthahearn.

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