Factory at Franklin 2022 Renovations

The Factory at Franklin has received another visual upgrade in their ongoing renovation with the repainting of the iconic water tower from green to red.

Painting began last month and will now feature the new Factory at Franklin logo on the 75,000-gallon tank that sits atop the 110-foot tall structure.

“As is depicted in many pictures of the Franklin skyline from the past, the water tower was painted rusty red for many years. Part of our efforts to elevate The Factory brand includes connecting to the history of this place, so we also chose rusty red as the color of our new logo and as an accent color throughout the property. I also learned, from talking and meeting with people in the community over the past months, that many folks missed the red water tower,” Holladay Properties Senior Vice President of Development Allen Arender said in a news release.

The tower was erected during the construction of The Factory in 1929-30, and was originally silver with red aluminum flecks mixed into the paint.

The tower is one of 69 water towers listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was last operational in 1991.

“The Factory at Franklin water tower is more than just a symbol of the Factory, but rather a symbol of Franklin," Arender said in an email. "As we renovate the property, we are also celebrating and elevating its rich history. Returning the tower to the familiar, and beloved, rusty red is just one part of this."

Other ongoing renovations include the Grand Hall and a future addition of an outdoor patio and additional green space.