PHOTO: Williamson County Elections Administrator Chad Gray waits for the final voters to trickle in on the last day of voter registration before the August 2, 2018 primary, on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.//Brooke Wanser


Holding the dishonor of being the lowest state for voter turnout, Tennessee residents across the county and state appeared to step up as the voter registration period drew to a close on Tuesday.

Tennessee, also 40th in voter registration, has been seeing improvement in registration numbers since introducing a new online system last fall.

On June 28, Sec. of State Tre Hargett tweeted that 8,793 Tennesseans had registered to vote the day prior, the largest number since the online registration system launched in September 2017.

Williamson County’s Administrator of Elections Chad Gray said the election commission office in Franklin had been busy in the days prior to the deadline.

In the week before the deadline, Gray said there had been 1,338 new registrations and changes of address both online and in person, and 477 alone on Monday.

Here is the number of voters in each city and area of the county:

Williamson County only (unincorporated): 36,238

Franklin: 49,269

Brentwood: 30,744

Fairview: 4,847

Thompson’s Station: 3,407

Nolensville: 6,298

Spring Hill (portion in Williamson County only): 17,995

TOTAL: 148,998

The total number of registered voter is up significantly from the 140,906 voters registered at the time of the sales tax referendum in February.

With 72 percent, Brentwood has the highest percentage of residents registered to vote. In Franklin, approximately 64 percent of residents are registered, while in tiny Thompson’s Station, 66 percent of residents are registered.

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