WillCo Seal in Franklin

The Williamson County seal as it appears in the meeting place of the County Commission in Franklin.

The Tennessee state primary election has concluded, with the Williamson County Election Commission reporting the results from all 25 precincts, early voting and absentee ballots.

With a total of 38,277 ballots cast between election day voting, absentee voting and early voting, Williamson County saw a 22.7% voter turnout rate - considerably less than 2018's state primary election, which saw a voter turnout rate of 37.5%.

Williamson County voters also differed in their votes significantly when compared to the majority of the state.

In the race to become the nominee for the U.S. Senate, Republican Bill Hagerty and Democrat Marquita Bradshaw went on to win their respective races. In Williamson County, however, voters went on to support different candidates in both of those races.

In the Republic Senate primary race, Williamson County voters favored Manny Sethi by a considerable margin. Sethi received 13,520 votes, whereas Hagerty received 11,990.

In the Democratic Senate primary race, James Mackler was the favorite of Williamson County voters, receiving 3,767 votes versus Bradshaw's 2,758.

The Nolensville referendum that proposed a change to the town's government from a mayor-aldermanic system to a commission system also passed overwhelmingly, with 1,910 voting in favor of the change, and 731 voting against.

View below for all the state primary election results in Williamson County.

All results are unofficial until certified by the Election Commission. The asterisk (*) indicates the candidate who won their respective race.

U.S. Senate / Republican

27,044 total votes

Clifford Adkins / 104 votes

Natasha Brooks / 323 votes

Bryon Bush / 228 votes

Roy Dale Cope / 30 votes

Terry Dicus / 33 votes

Tom Emerson Jr. / 44 votes

George S. Flinn Jr. / 406 votes

*Bill Hagerty / 11,990 votes

Jon Henry / 131 votes

Kent A. Morrell / 84 votes

Glen L. Neal Jr. / 12 votes

John E. Osborne / 37 votes

Aaron L. Pettigrew / 45 votes

David Schuster / 25 votes

Manny Sethi / 13,520

U.S. Senate / Democratic

10,425 total votes

*Marquita Bradshaw / 2,758 votes

Gary G. Davis / 602 votes

Robin Kimbrough / 2,805 votes

James Mackler / 3,767 votes

Mark Pickrell / 470 votes

U.S. House Rep. / Republican

*Mark Green / 24,314 votes

U.S. House Rep. / Democratic

*Kiran Sreepada / 9,824 votes

TN House Rep. District 61 / Republican

*Brandon Ogles / 8,157 votes

TN House Rep. District 61 / Democratic

*Sam Bledsoe / 3,203 votes

TN House Rep. District 63 / Republican

*Glen Casada / 8,441 votes

TN House Rep. District 63 / Democratic

*Elizabeth Madeira / 3,944 votes

TN House Rep. District 65 / Republican

*Sam Whitson / 6,871 votes

TN House Rep. District 65 / Democratic

*Jennifer Foley / 2,659 votes

Circuit Court Judge 21st Judicial District-Division V

*Mike Spitzer / 30,135 votes

Assessor of Property

*Brad Coleman / 30,656 votes


*Dusty Rhodes / 31,597 votes

City of Fairview Municipal Judge

*Shannon L. Crutcher / 957 votes

Shawn P. Sirgo / 430 votes

City of Fairview Municipal Court Clerk

*Gina Mangrum / 1,273 votes

Municipal Referendum for Nolensville

*For / 1,910 votes

Against / 731