Longview Voting

The Longview Recreation Center in Spring Hill is one of eight early voting sites in Williamson County.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 21, a total of 69,010 Williamson County residents have cast their ballots for the upcoming general election just one week after early voting kicked off in Tennessee.

Williamson County's first week of early voting in the 2016 election saw a total of 40,575 ballots cast, making this year's first-week tally a 70 percent increase in voter turnout. With approximately 166,000 registered voters in the county, the nearly 70,000 votes represent a voter turnout rate of 42 percent.

Chad Gray, the Administrator of Elections for the Williamson County Election Commission, called the turnout "historic" and "remarkable" in a statement released Wednesday.

"Thus far, the voter participation in Williamson County has been among the highest out of all 95 counties in Tennessee," Gray said in a statement.

"The additional early voting sites for this election at the Cool Springs Conference Center (Marriott Hotel), the Franklin Recreation Complex on Hillsboro Road and the Williamson County Agricultural Expo Center have been especially popular for our voters along with our regular early voting locations.”

Early voting will continue through Oct. 29. For more information on early voting, check out our guide by clicking here.