Voters Maury County

Voters cast their ballots Thursday during the early voting period of the Primary Election in Columbia.

Early voting is well underway in Williamson County as residents race to their respective polling stations to cast their ballots in the state primary.

According to data from the Williamson County Election Commission, voters turned out in 12.91% higher numbers than during the same period in 2018.

During the first week of early voting for the state primary in 2018, a total of 5,778 Williamson County residents voted. This year during that same period, a total of 6,524 - or 746 more - residents voted.

Similar to the first weekend of early voting, those participating in the Republican primary came out in far greater numbers. During the first week of early voting, Republican primary voters participated more than Democratic primary voters in a more than 3-to-1 ratio.

Looking at the numbers, a total of 5,778 voters participated in the Republican primary, and a total of 1,427 in the Democratic primary.

Primary elections

Tennessee has an open primary system, allowing for any registered voter to vote in the primary election of their choosing, be it Republican, Democrat or otherwise.

The primary election in Tennessee will be held on Aug. 6, with early voting taking place between July 17-Aug. 1. 

Those wanting to vote by mail must request an absentee ballot by July 30, and may request the absentee ballot online by clicking here.

The voter registration deadline was Tuesday, July 7. To see if you’re registered to vote, click here. For a full guide on voting in Williamson County, including polling locations and times, click here.