John Tyler

Serving as the 10th president of the United States, John Tyler served in office from 1841 - 1845.

Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr., one of the two last living grandsons of the 10th U.S. president John Tyler, passed away at Williamson Medical Center in Franklin on Sept. 26.

Tyler Jr.'s daughter, Susan Selina Pope Tyler, told the New York Times that his death was due to Alzheimer's disease.

Tyler Jr.'s name had gone viral back in 2012 after the online magazine Mental Floss had published a story highlighting the 10th president still had two living grandsons: Tyler Jr. and his 91 year-old brother Harrison Ruffin Tyler, the former now being President Tyler's last living grandson.

Born in 1790, Tyler served as vice president for exactly one month before the president at the time - William Henry Harrison - died of fever, making Tyler the first vice president in history to succeed to the presidency.

Tyler was a staunch supporter of states' rights and a strong supporter of manifest destiny, or, the belief that is was the destiny of the United States to expand its influence and control across North America.

Tyler had 15 children, the last of which being Lyon Gardiner Tyler, whom he fathered at the age of 63 in 1853.

Historian, educator, and president of the College of William and Mary in Virginia, Lyon Tyler fathered five children himself, one of which being Tyler Jr. in 1925, as well as Harrison Tyler in 1929, the last living grandson to President Tyler.

With just three generations spanning 230 years' time, Tyler's long-lasting legacy has been the subject of fascination for years.