A car plowed into a home on the outskirts of Brentwood early Thursday morning, causing significant damage.

The car was driving north on Waller Road, just outside city limits, when it left the road and hit the home on Ella Lane, just inside the city limits.

As a result of the boundary-crossing location of the incident, numerous agencies were notified to respond to the scene, Brentwood’s Assistant Police Chief Thomas Walsh said in an email. Authorities from Williamson County were apparently first called, and they enlisted the assistance of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, which led the investigation of the crash. Brentwood police were called in at around 3:30 a.m., Walsh said, when it was discovered that the home that the vehicle hit was located within Brentwood.

Walsh said that additional information as to possible injuries related to the crash or circumstances related to the crash would need to come from the Highway Patrol, although he was able to provide the photo accompanying this story, which was taken by a Brentwood officer. The Brentwood Home Page will keep you updated as more information becomes available.