UPDATE (10:30 p.m.): As of 10:30 p.m. on Sunday the following roads were listed as impacted by ice by the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency. Click here for an updating list throughout the night.

  • Carters Creek at Southall Road
  • Natches Trace at Pinewood Road
  • West Main Street at Downs Boulevard
  • Thompsons Station Road West at Old Thompson Street Road
  • Davis Hollow Road at Peach Hollow Road
  • Owen Hill Road at Arno Allisona
  • Buckner Road at Buckner Lane
  • Dr. Robinson at Town Center
  • Main Street
  • Sneed Road
  • Del Rio
  • Nolensville Road
  • Highway 100 at Old Franklin Road
  • Liberty Pike
  • Manley Road at Beachcreek Road
  • Spicer Court
  • Old Hillsboro Road
  • Lewisburg Pike
  • Horton Highway
  • Kidd Road
  • Hunting Camp Road
  • Campbell Station Road
  • Championship Boulevard
  • Temple Road
  • Spencer Creek Road
  • Carters Glenn Place
  • Leipers Creek at Interstate-840
  • Sneed Road
  • Flat Creek Road
  • Overbey Road at Old Franklin Road
  • Highway 96 at Interstate-65
  • Carl Road
  • West Harpeth

Original Story:

The Williamson County Emergency Management Agency has published a list of roads that have been impacted by ice and other hazardous conditions due to the winter storm that is affecting much of the United States.

A complete list of road closures will be updated by WCEMA, but more roads could be impacted by the winter weather than listed on the site.

As of midday on Sunday those impacted roads included:

Carters Creek at Southall Road, Natches Trace at Pinewood Road, West Main Street at Downs Boulevard, Thompsons Station Road West at Old Thompson Street Road, Davis Hollow Road at Peach Hollow Road, Owen Hill Road at Arno Allisona, Buckner Road at Buckner Lane, Dr. Robinson at Town Center, Main Street, Sneed Road, Del Rio, Nolensville Road, Hwy 100 at Old Franklin Road, Liberty Pike, Manley Road at Beachcreek Road, Spicer Court, Old Hillsboro Road, Lewisburg Pike, Horton Highway, Kidd Road, Hunting Camp Road and Campbell Station Road.

First responder agencies across the county are warning residents not to travel, especially as conditions are expected to worsen as a storm is expected to bring ice and snow to Middle Tennessee.

As of midday on Sunday, nearly every first responder agency in Williamson County had reported to responding to a variety of weather-related crashes.

This is expected to impact the region from Sunday evening through Tuesday morning.

According to the National Weather Service Nashville, heavy and mixed precipitation is expected to two to four inches of snow and one tenth to two tenths of ice to much of Middle Tennessee through  the Winter Storm Warning, heavy mixed precipitation

Check with the National Weather Service for up-to-date weather alerts.

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