Tenn. State Senator Jack Johnson

Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson represents Williamson County in the Tennessee Senate.

Jack Johnson, who has represented Williamson County in the Tennessee Senate since 2007, was re-elected on Thursday by his Republican colleagues to maintain his position as the Senate majority leader, a position he has held since 2018.

Additionally, Randy McNally was elected to serve a third term as Tennessee's Lt. Governor, and Ken Yager was elected to serve as the Republican Caucus Chairman.

"I am grateful for the support of this group of senators who are deeply committed to serving the people of their districts - Tennesseans have spoken clearly that they want to continue conservative management of our state budget, and to implement policies to encourage growth, and reduce burdens on small businesses and working families," Johnson said.

"The stability in our leadership team positions us to move seamlessly into the 2021 legislative session during these difficult times as we unite to focus on policies that will create opportunities and improve the lives of Tennesseans.”

The Tennessee state legislature has routinely been voted as the single most conservative state legislature in the country, a fact that Johnson has touted as being the reason for the state's low taxes, low debt and job creation.

During his tenure, Johnson has been a strong proponent of pro-life legislation, sponsoring Tennessee's heartbeat bill, has moved to increase penalties for those protesting on public property, and pushed for abstinence-centered sex education in schools.

McNally, who has served as the state's Lt. Gov. since 2017 and served in the state legislature for more than 40 years, laid praise on his Republican colleagues for placing their trust in him yet again.

“As I reflect back on over forty years in the General Assembly, I cannot think of a more dedicated group of public servants than we have in the Senate at this moment," McNally said.

"An effective team not only has to have the right players, but those players’ talents also need to be deployed effectively. Our Senate team is an effective team. I am humbled once again to have been chosen to help lead this great group of leaders.”