(9:25 p.m. August 6): The final, unofficial results for the Tennessee state primary have been reported for Williamson County, with the results for the U.S. Senate primaries differing from statewide results.

Statewide, U.S. Senate candidates Bill Hagerty and Marquita Bradshaw were declared the winners of the Republican and Democratic primaries, respectively. However, Williamson County voters generally favored different candidates.

Republican candidate Manny Sethi received the most votes in Williamson County at 27,044, with Hagerty receiving 11,990. Democratic candidate James Mackler outperformed Bradshaw in Williamson County with 3,767 votes versus Bradshaw's 2,758.

The Nolensville referendum to change the town government from a mayor-aldermanic system to a commission system also passed overwhelmingly, with 1,910 voting in favor of the change, and 731 voting against.


(9:06 p.m., August 6): Marquita Bradshaw has been declared the winner of the Democratic race for U.S. Senate after the Associated Press called the race shortly before 9 p.m.

While Bradshaw will now go on to face the Republican Senate nominee Bill Hagerty in the upcoming November election, Williamson County voters - as of 9:06 p.m. - seemed to prefer her Democratic opponent James Mackler, who received more than 1,000 more votes for Bradshaw with 21 of 25 precincts reporting.


(8:35 p.m., August 6): While Bill Hagerty has been declared the winner in the Republican race for U.S. Senate, Williamson County residents appear to have favored Manny Sethi, with Sethi receiving 24,396 votes versus Hagerty's 10,915. This is with 21 precincts reporting, plus early and absentee votes.

In the Democratic race for U.S. Senate, James Mackler still holds a comfortable lead among Williamson County voters, however, the gap between Mackler and Marquita Bradshaw has narrowed, with Macklar receiving 3,583 votes versus Bradshaw's 2,503. This is with 21 precincts reporting, plus early and absentee votes.

Statewide, Bradshaw appears to hold a strong lead against Macklar, with Bradshaw showing more than 74,000 votes versus Macklar's almost 56,000, according to the New York Times.


(8:22 p.m., August 6): Bill Hagerty has been declared the winner in the Republican race to U.S. Senate, defeating his Republican opponent Manny Sethi. The Associated Press called the race shortly after 8 p.m.


(8 p.m., August 6): With seven out of 25 voting precincts reporting, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi has jumped ahead of Bill Hagerty by a thin margin of 76 votes. Statewide, Hagerty holds a comfortable lead.


(7:18 p.m., August 6): Early voting results are in, and a total of 23,697 Williamson County residents voted during the early voting period.

With 168,567 registered voters in the county, this amounts to a 14.06% turnout rate - a slight improvement of the 2018 primary election turnout rate of 13.8%.

Regarding the heated Repubican primary race for U.S. Senate, Bill Hagerty took a slight edge over his highest polling opponent Manny Sethi by a mere 107 votes in Williamson. Hagerty received 7,471 votes, whereas Sethi received 7,364.

In the Democratic primary race for Senate, James Mackler took a comfortable lead over the next best performing candidate, Marquita Bradshaw, with the two candidates earning 2,881 and 1,985 votes, respectively.

Regarding the Nolensville referendum that would restructure the town’s government from a mayor-aldermanic system to a commission system, voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of the change, with 1,203 voting for, and 486 voting against.


U.S. Senate / Republican

15,793 total votes

Clifford Adkins / 68 votes

Natasha Brooks / 216 votes

Bryon Bush / 150 votes

Roy Dale Cope / 20 votes

Terry Dicus / 22 votes

Tom Emerson Jr. / 27 votes

George S. Flinn Jr. / 224 votes

Bill Hagerty / 7,471 votes

Jon Henry / 72 votes

Kent A. Morrell / 56 votes

Glen L. Neal Jr. / 8 votes

John E. Osborne / 28 votes

Aaron L. Pettigrew / 29 votes

David Schuster / 18 votes

Manny Sethi / 7,364

U.S. Senate / Democratic

7,270 total votes

Marquita Bradshaw / 1,663 votes

Gary G. Davis / 411 votes

Robin Kimbrough / 1,985 votes

James Mackler / 2,881 votes

Mark Pickrell / 321 votes

U.S. House Rep. / Republican

Mark Green / 14,108 votes

U.S. House Rep. / Democratic

Kiran Sreepada / 6,811 votes

TN House Rep. District 61 / Republican

Brandon Ogles / 5,168 votes

TN House Rep. District 61 / Democratic

Sam Bledsoe / 2,275 votes

TN House Rep. District 63 / Republican

Glen Casada / 4,616 votes

TN House Rep. District 63 / Democratic

Elizabeth Madeira / 2,727 votes

TN House Rep. District 65 / Republican

Sam Whitson / 3,794 votes

TN House Rep. District 65 / Democratic

Jennifer Foley / 1,805 votes

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