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Brentwood murder suspect Randolph Maidens’ bail was reduced to $750,000 on Thursday by Judge Al Nations in his General Sessions courtroom in Franklin. Maidens is charged with criminal homicide in the death of his wife, orthodontist Rachael Maidens in their Governors Club home on April 21.

Updated at 4 p.m. Thursday

Williamson County Judge Al Nations on Thursday lowered Brentwood murder suspect Randolph Maidens’ bond to $750,000. If Maidens, 42, is able to post bail, it would be with multiple restrictions and the order not to contact his daughter, Natalie, or the family of his deceased wife.

Nations had set Maidens’ bail at $2.5 million at his first court appearance on April 24.

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Maidens, 42, is charged with first degree murder of his wife, Dr. Rachael Frisbie Maidens, 34, in their Governors Club home on April 21.

During Maidens’ preliminary hearing on Thursday afternoon District Attorney Kim Helper called forward two members of the Brentwood Police Department to testify on behalf of the state.

Officer Austin Kern was the first to testify in a packed courtroom that saw both Maidens’ sister and mother and family and friends of Rachael Maidens, a Brentwood orthodontist.

Rachael Maidens’ body was discovered after her mother called BPD to make a welfare check.

Kern was one of the responding officers on that check, responding around 5:50 p.m.

“The shades were pulled shut,” he said when asked about the outer appearance of the home. “One of the garage doors was open and we entered the home through there.”

Kern added that he attempted to call Randy and Rachael multiple times over the phone and knocked on several doors and had no response.

“We entered the home and announced ourselves as the Brentwood Police and continued to call for Mr. Maidens and Rachael,” Kern told the court. “We heard someone, a baby, calling out, “I’m here, I’m here.””

Kern said they made their way upstairs toward the voice of what was Natalie Maidens, the couple’s 2-year-old daughter. The officers asked her to come out but she just continued to say “I’m here, I’m here.”

When they entered the room, they found her in a crib.  

When Helper asked if Natalie said anything else, Kern replied that the toddler said “Daddy gone, Daddy gone.”

Once Natalie was in custody of another officer, Kern continued the search for Randy and Rachael room by room.

While standing in an upstairs area that overlooked the lower level, Kern said he noticed a blood splatter on the wall downstairs, a shotgun on the couch and a body wrapped in a blanket.

“It was very clear it was a deceased individual, female,” Kern said after he examined the body downstairs.

Kern said a search of the home revealed no sign of Randy Maidens.

Lt. John Wood of BPD’s criminal investigation unit was the second witness for the state. He said once he arrived on scene there was already an active investigation of Randy Maidens.

Wood said police believed Randy was a suspect, armed and possibly suicidal based on a note that was recovered from the kitchen island.

“It was an apology note,” Wood said. “He said he regretted what had happened and for Natalie to be placed in the custody of Rachael’s family.”

The following morning officers observed Maidens, in a red shirt, walking toward the back of the home from the golf course with his arms in the air, according to Wood.

“He told us he was not armed,” Wood said. “He was then taken into custody.”

BPD Detective Mike Brady did not obtain a search warrant for the home until the morning of Maidens’ arrest. That search ended shortly after 8 p.m. that evening.

Wood said the police observed and obtained several items from the home.

“There was evidence that a clean-up attempt had been made,” he said. “Then there was the body that had been covered up in a blanket.”

He added that the body was found between the living room and the foyer near a hallway close to the home’s master bedroom.

Wood, who attended the autopsy, said the cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds.

Also obtained during the search were $87,200 in cash from a safe inside Randy’s white 2013 Infiniti and an additional $8,500 in cash from around the home. 

During defense attorney David Raybin’s cross-examination of Wood, he asked if the letter found in the kitchen could have been characterized as a suicide note.

Wood acknowledged that it had wording that made it seem as if it were a suicide note.

Raybin also asked if the police found prescription drugs in the home. Wood said they did but in a bedroom or bathroom.

Helper further questioned Wood about a previous incident involving Randy Maidens in Florida.

“We know there was an incident at the Dolphin Resort; security personnel told us there was a call about disorderly conduct and Mr. Maidens was intoxicated and attempted to fight individuals who he did not know,” Wood said.

Three individuals who did know Maidens followed him downstairs to a bar where he repeatedly said he just wanted to kill his wife, according to Wood.

The hotel and two of the three individuals’ testimonies reflected that Rachael Maidens was not at the resort with him.

During the bond reduction portion of the hearing, Raybin argued that his client was not a flight risk.

“He had plenty of time to get away and he didn’t,” he said, asking the judge to reduce the bond to $500,000. “He willingly surrendered.”

“This is a very serious crime based on what I’ve heard,” Nations said. “To me, leaving the bond at $2.5 million is equivalent of having no bond.”

If Maidens, 42, is able to post bail, and must do so with a professional bond company, he must wear a GPS tracking device and cannot leave Williamson or Davidson Counties. He is also ordered not to contact his daughter or his wife’s family.

“I do believe they will find probable cause that a serious crime has been committed,” Nations added.

Maidens’ arraignment is scheduled for June 24 at 9 a.m. in Courtroom C.

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