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Brentwood has determined that doctors’ offices can have mail order pharmacies.

In January, the mail order pharmacy Inception Rx asked the Planning Commission to consider allowing that type of business in commercial office properties.

Inception Rx is currently located in the TD Ameritrade Building on Franklin Road, but wants to relocate to the Brentwood Medical Center.

Commercial office properties are intended for business that don’t generally attract more traffic than the employees that work there. The zoning classification doesn’t specifically allow pharmacies.

At the meeting in January owner Kevin Hartman explained that the mail order pharmacy doesn’t generate as much traffic as a traditional pharmacy.    

“We’re not in the retail business,” he said at the meeting in January. “We have no customers coming into our location where it’s at now, and I don’t anticipate that’s going to change should we be able move to the Brentwood medical facility.”

He said the doctors and dentists at the Brentwood Medical Center asked if Inception Rx could move to the building to serve their patients. The patients already at the office would be the only customers using the pharmacy in person. 

The Commission discussed whether the pharmacy would qualify as office space or a retail store. Eventually, Hartman decided to withdraw the request and work with staff to find a solution.

City staff has been working with the pharmacy since January and decided that mail order pharmacies fit into the city’s current zoning code. City staff talked to the Planning Commission about the decision at an information meeting at the end of May.

“Since it started with you we wanted to make sure the you were briefed on what we found,” Planning Director Jeff Dobson said.

Staff’s determination means that the Planning Commission doesn’t have to vote on the proposal.

Commissioner John Church suggested making a change to the zoning code so that it would be more specific about those cases in the future. Dobson said that the city would consider changing the code in the future.

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