Michael Roaden,  general manager of the Brentwood Auto Wash, came upon the scene of an elderly man stuck on the train tracks in Brentwood at Wilson Pike Circle.

“I don’t usually leave during the day. It was a little slow so I was just running to Lowe’s to grab some paint,” said Roaden approximately two hours after the accident.

A customer of Brentwood Auto Wash had just left the business located a block from the railroad crossing.  The man, who was already there trying to help, knew the stranded driver from church.

“The people that were there were trying to get him out of the car when I drove up,” Roaden said.

According to Roaden, the elderly gentleman was in his car and was not verbally responsive.  Even after being pulled from the car he was potentially in shock and not answering his rescuers or the police.

The car was hit just seconds after the unidentified driver was pulled from the car at approximately 11:10 a.m.

“The ambulance took him away and he was still not talking. The amazing thing is the only thing hurt was the car,” said Roaden.

Roaden said he could see that the CSX conductor was aware of what was happening.

“Those trains just can’t stop that fast.  We could tell he was trying to stop but it was impossible.  Once he stopped the train, he jumped from the train and ran over and asked if he was OK,” Roaden said.

Roaden said he was grateful he was able to stay calm and help.

This story has been edited from the original version as new details emerged about the incident.  Brentwood Home Page has provided an update to this story after speaking with the Brentwood Police and other witnesses.