Michael Youngs

Michael Youngs succeeds Corey Tucker as the Spring Hill General Motors' new plant director.

Third-generation General Motors employee Michael Youngs has taken over as plant director of the Spring Hill GM plant, as announced Thursday by GM staff.

Youngs has worked at six different GM sites, and has been acting as the Spring Hill plant’s director since September of last year — news that was only made public this week.

“General Motors has been my workplace of choice for 25 years — 20 of those years spent in manufacturing in both vehicle and engine assembly,” Youngs told reporters during the announcement. “I'm a third generation GM employee, so you could say that GM blood runs through and through.”

The news of a new plant director came alongside the news that GM would be manufacturing a new engine at the Spring Hill plant — a 5.3L V8 engine — which would come with an additional $40 million investment from GM.

While only working at the Spring Hill plant for a few months, Youngs was quick to praise its workers as among the best he’s ever worked with.

“As I got here and I first walked into that building, it was like nothing else that I had ever felt — it was a very surreal feeling,” Youngs said. “The employees that we have in that building are the best employees that I have ever worked with, in any site that I've been in. The engagement, empowerment, just the day in and day out things that they do is incredible.”

The previous plant director, Corey Tucker, served in her position for roughly four years, with Spring Hill United Auto Workers Chairman Mike Herron calling her “a great partner and fantastic leader.”

The Spring Hill GM plant currently employees roughly 3,700 people and is the single largest GM facility in North America. Since 1996, the facility has produced nearly 4.5 million vehicles.

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