Longview Voting

The first four days of early voting saw 4,192 in-person ballots cast at the Longview Recreation Center in Spring Hill.

The first four days of early voting in Williamson County saw a historic turnout according to the Williamson County Election Commission, with 33,028 in-person ballots cast since early voting kicked off on Oct. 14.

In comparison, the first four days of early voting in Williamson County during the 2016 presidential election saw 22,593 in-person ballots cast.

"We [are] having a tremendous and historic turnout for early voting so far,” said Chad Gray, Administrator of Elections for the Williamson County Election Commission.

"After the first four days of in person early voting, approximately 33,000 ballots have been cast at our eight polling sites with an additional 6,500 ballots returned by-mail, which is already 24% of the nearly 166,000 registered voters in the county."

While Williamson's in-person early voting numbers have been significantly higher than those seen in 2016, the number of mail-in ballots seen in just the first four days has almost doubled what was seen during the entirety of early voting in 2016.

As of Monday, Oct. 19, the Williamson County Election Commission has received 6,568 mail-in ballots. Four days into early voting in 2016 saw 2,762 mail-in ballots, with the county seeing approximately 3,500 in total by election day.

For more information on where, when and how to vote in Williamson and Maury Counties, click here to check out our early voting guide.

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